TomoeArts presents
A concert of Japanese classical dance

Saturday May 12, 2018 at 8pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre
677 Davie St, Vancouver


Fujima Yuko Photo by Fujiwara Atsuko

Samurai warriors, pearl divers, court nobles and heartbroken women who transform into serpents grace the stage in Yūko-kai - a concert of Japanese dance. This concert celebrates the life and work of dancer Fujima Yūko (1929-2003), the first teacher of TomoeArts' artistic director Colleen Lanki (Fujima Sayū).  Yūko-kai presents some of Fujima Yūko's original choreographies and favourite dances, showcasing and revitalizing her gei or art, bringing Vancouver audiences a rare connoisseur performance of nihon buyoh and the chance to witness the legacy of an amazing and beautiful master dancer. 

Yūko-kai will feature Japan’s Fujima Shōgo, a celebrated performer who has been seen on international stages, including two previous visits to Vancouver. He will be performing Fujima Yūko’s choreography Yashima, based on a famous 12th century battle tale. Also featured is Japan’s Fujima Minako, dancing the elegant jiuta-mai (geisha style dance) Kane no Misaki. Joining them are TomoeArts' Artistic Director, Colleen Lanki (Fujima Sayū) and Ryan Caron, performing Fujima Yūko’s Ama, a short dance-play about a pearl diver who steals a magic pearl from the underwater dragon king.

TomoeArts artistic director/choreographer Colleen Lanki (professional dance name Fujima Sayū) has been working on the collection and reconstruction of her original teacher’s work for the past few years. “This concert is my way of honouring Fujima Yūko. She made me part of her artistic family and gave me a dance name  – a priceless gift. She was a remarkable artist and I want her work to be remembered.” This concert, alongside a workshop, lecture-demonstration and an exhibit of photographs of Fujima Yūko, will give Vancouverites a chance to see a little part of this woman’s life and world.


$39/$29 students, Dance Centre and CADA members 
Includes service charges/$5 per order for telephone bookings 
Tickets Tonight: 604.684.2878

Yuko-kai is presented through The Dance Centre's Artist-in-Residence program
Duration: approximately 60 minutes
Photo: Trevan Wong



Lecture-Demonstration with the Artists 

Friday May 11, 6pm 
Scotiabank Dance Centre

Nihon Buyoh Workshop with Fujima Shōgo

Saturday May 12, 2.30-4.30pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre
$50 + GST
Early bird workshop + performance discount available until March 31

Details and registration