2015-2016 season

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Announcing The Dance Centre’s 2015-2016 season

Vancouver, BC:  The Dance Centre’s 2015-2016 season presents a program of exciting performances and events by artists working across contemporary and cultural genres. The Global Dance Connections contemporary dance series features local and international choreographers, and the popular Discover Dance! noon series presents a varied range of dance from diverse cultural backgrounds. Other highlights include the 10th biennial Dance In Vancouver which showcases BC dance to visiting presenters and promoters as well as to local audiences, the annual Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House, events celebrating International Dance Day, and ongoing residencies and research labs throughout the season.

Global Dance Connections Contemporary dance series

October 15-17 Co.ERASGA/Pichet Klunchun Dance Company
October 29-31 Jan Martens
November 26-28 Raven Spirit Dance
January 19-20 Aakash Odedra Company
January 27-29 Compagnie Nacera Belaza
February 4-6 Liz Santoro
March 18-19 Words in Motion
May 5-7 Compagnie Thor | Thierry Smits

Discover Dance! Noon dance series

September 17 Project Soul + South Asian Arts
October 22 Danny Nielsen & Friends
November 12 Git Hayetsk
February 18 Modus Operandi
March 10 Lorita Leung Dance Company
April 21 Karen Flamenco


September 19 Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House
November 18-22 The 10th biennial Dance In Vancouver
April 29 International Dance Day
June 3 12 Minutes Max

Residencies and DanceLabs


Tickets and Info

Tickets Tonight 604.684.2787 www.ticketstonight.ca

Info 604.606.6400 www.thedancecentre.ca

All events take place at Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St, Vancouver except where stated.



Global Dance Connections Contemporary dance series

Co.ERASGA | Pichet Klunchun Dance Company Unwrapping Culture              
Thursday-Saturday October 15-17, 8pm Post-show artist talkback October 16
Presented through the Artist-in-Residence program

Unwrapping Culture brings together two exceptional male artists: Filipino-Canadian Alvin Erasga Tolentino, whose sophisticated works reflect on personal and cultural identity, and Pichet Klunchun, an outstanding exponent of the Thai classical dance style of Khon, who is known internationally for contemporizing this ancient form. Their first collaboration combines the technique, theatricality and storytelling elements of Khon with the paraphernalia of today’s rampant materialism to create a devastating critique of the corruption of authentic Thai culture by the forces of commercialization, in a passionate and bitingly funny piece which immerses us in the conflict between traditional and modern.


Jan Martens The Dog Days Are Over
Thursday-Saturday October 29-31, 8pm Post-show artist talkback October 30

In The Dog Days Are Over, eight dancers surrender to one act: the jump. For 70 extreme, exhausting minutes they bounce, hop and leap through complicated choreographic patterns of geometrical precision, in a repetitive bruising battle that demands extraordinary stamina, coordination and concentration. Übertalented Belgian choreographer Jan Martens is renowned for provocative and highly physical creations, and this is perhaps his most audacious work to date, prompting debate on the role of contemporary dance, the thin line between art and entertainment, and the complicity of the audience as we watch the dancers, striving before us like gladiators in an arena. 


Raven Spirit Dance Earth Song
Thursday-Saturday November 26-28, 8pm Post-show artist talkback November 27
Presented with Raven Spirit Dance

A double bill of contemporary Aboriginal dance works which move from spirit to form through currents of spatial tension, and traverse territories of impulse and memory, singing the land and body.  Michelle Olson’s Northern Journey is inspired by the land we carry inside of us. This internal landscape carves out the pathways that lead to our animal instinct and to images that hold our human experience.  Starr Muranko’s Spine of the Mother brings together Indigenous artists from Canada and Peru to trace the inner terrain of our bodies as women, while creating ritual which spans mountain ranges we have shared for millennia.


Aakash Odedra Company Murmur + Inked
Tuesday-Wednesday January 19-20, 8pm  at the Vancouver Playhouse
Presented with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Trained initially in the classical Indian styles of Kathak and Bharata Natyam, Aakash Odedra has quickly become one of the new stars of British dance, and these two solos demonstrate his distinctive contemporary movement language, astounding technical abilities and magnetic stage presence.  Murmur, a collaboration with Australian choreographer Lewis Major, delves into the warped realities experienced by dyslexics, in a breathtakingly beautiful fusion of dance, light, sound and cutting edge technology. Inked, created by French/Belgian choreographer Damien Jalet, is inspired by Odedra’s grandmother’s tattoos and investigates notions of identity and belonging, as the body becomes marked and metamorphosed by its journey through a ritualised space.


Compagnie Nacera Belaza Le Temps scellé
Wednesday-Friday January 27-29, 8pm Post-show artist talkback January 28
Presented with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

French-Algerian choreographer Nacera Belaza has been creating works for her critically acclaimed company since 1989, developing a singular form of meditative minimalism which creates a wealth of striking images. Le Temps scellé (The Sealed Time) immerses us in Belaza’s evocative world: the choreography has a mesmerising quality which commands our attention with its disciplined simplicity and focused intensity, at times erupting into frenzied bursts of energy, but holding an underlying sensuality that is truly captivating. Light and darkness, time and space, mysticism and spirituality, are all woven together with an acute sense of the now.


Liz Santoro Relative Collider
Thursday-Saturday February 4-6, 8pm Post-show artist talkback February 5
Presented with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Drawing on elements of neuroscience, mathematics and linguistics, award-winning choreographers Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard’s Relative Collider dissects the tensions and complicity between performer and audience, the observed and the observer. The dancers begin with deceptively simple motions to the ticking of a metronome, and slowly build up to increasingly athletic movements and complex rhythmic patterns. Comparing structure and chaos, numbers and words, gestures and expressions, the work manipulates the interplay of different waves of energy, sound and attention to engage us in the ‘collision of watching’. Spare, rigorous and precise, Relative Collider conveys its crystalline logic with intelligence and style.


Words in Motion
Friday-Saturday March 18-19, 7.30pm Post-show artist talkback March 19
At the Chan Centre at UBC, Telus Studio Theatre
A Dance Centre/Chan Centre co-production. Presented by the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.

What happens when words come to life? Three writers and three choreographers work in pairs to create new works combining the cerebral and the physical. Choreographer Olivia C. Davies explores narrative through movement, using contemporary Aboriginal dance theatre as her launch point; Anusha Fernando’s training in classical Indian Bharata Natyam dance reflects a tradition steeped in storytelling; and Paraskevas Terezakis’s long history of interdisciplinary collaboration has incorporated a vast array of styles and methods. With their writing partners – Carmen Aguirre, Aislinn Hunter and Nancy Lee respectively - these diverse artists bring three very different visions to the marriage of words and movement.


Compagnie Thor | Thierry Smits ReVoLt
Thursday-Saturday May 5-7, 8pm Post-show artist talkback May 6

Thierry Smits has been in the forefront of European dance for 25 years, choreographing innovative and frequently controversial works ranging from pure dance to outrageous performance art. ReVoLt echoes the ongoing citizen protest movements, especially those led by women, and considers the oppression of the body, the urge to resist, and the necessity of revolt. This stripped-down, obsessive solo was created for the explosive young Australian dancer Nicola Leahey, who delivers a performance of great physical and emotional commitment as she engages in a tightly wound conflict with herself, in an essay on power, struggle and liberation.

Global Dance Connections tickets Subscribe to 3+ shows for $22 per show ($34 for Aakash Odedra Company). Single tickets from $30 from Tickets Tonight 604.684.2787 www.ticketstonight.ca. (Single tickets for Words in Motion available from www.chancentre.com.)


Discover Dance! noon dance series

The popular noon series offers informative and inspiring shows by BC-based dance companies which combine performance, question-and-answer sessions with the artists, and sometimes even audience participation.

Project Soul + South Asian Arts Thursday September 17, 12 noon

Two of Vancouver’s hottest dance companies join forces to present an exuberant program of hip hop and bhangra, contrasting styles which share deep connections to music and rhythm. Project Soul works at the forefront of Vancouver’s urban dance scene, teaching and performing street dances including popping, locking, breakdancing and more; South Asian Arts are leading exponents of bhangra, the high-energy Punjabi folk dance that has become a global phenomenon.

Danny Nielsen and Friends Thursday October 22, 12 noon

Danny Nielsen is one of Canada’s brightest young tap talents and a rising star on the international scene, known for his astonishing technical prowess and adventurous approach. He teams up with special guests including dancers and jazz musicians to present a dynamic and entertaining program which highlights the infectious rhythms, expressiveness and ebullience of tap dance.

Git Hayetsk Thursday November 12, 12 noon

The Git Hayetsk (People of the Copper Shield) are internationally renowned Northwest Coast First Nations mask dancers. Their focus is to carry forward the high standards of artistry embodied by the copper shield - one of their most powerful and sacred forms of ceremonial wealth - through dance, song-composition, choreography, and regalia-making. They perform ancestral songs and dances as well as newly created work reflecting their lives as First Nations people today.           

Modus Operandi Thursday February 18, 12 noon

The energy and skill of a new generation takes the stage with a performance by the talented young dancers of Modus Operandi. Established in 2007, this rigorous training program run by Vancouver’s Out Innerspace Dance Theatre produces versatile and accomplished contemporary dancers who perform with technical power and theatrical intelligence, and go on to work professionally with companies across Canada.

Lorita Leung Dance Company Thursday March 10

Established in 1970, the Lorita Leung Dance Company is regarded as one of Canada’s leading Chinese performance groups, producing spectacular shows which illustrate the diversity and beauty of Chinese dance. From the grace and poise of the classical style to the joyful vitality of ethnic folk dances, the company will take you on a journey through Chinese culture. 

Karen Flamenco Thursday April 21, 12 noon

An innovative young company whose distinctive productions combine the technical brilliance of flamenco with dramatic flair, Karen Flamenco has captured the imagination of dance lovers of all ages. This performance intertwines spirited dancing, masterful storytelling, heart-stirring music, and ravishing costumes, to epitomize the thrilling passion of flamenco.

Discover Dance! Tickets: subscribe to all 6 shows for $55. Single tickets $14/$12 students, seniors and children from Tickets Tonight 604.684.2787 www.ticketstonight.ca.



Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House Saturday September 19

A day of free open classes, workshops, studio showings and special events, featuring a host of different dance styles at Canada’s flagship dance facility. Full schedule of events to be announced. Presented with the support of Scotiabank.


The 10th biennial Dance In Vancouver Wednesday-Sunday November 18-22

Dance In Vancouver celebrates the energy and originality of our contemporary dance scene, with five days of performances showcasing recent hits by some of British Columbia’s most exciting companies. There will also be free studio showings, events and discussions – full schedule to be announced. Curated by Pirjetta Mulari, Dance Info Finland.

battery opera productions M/Hotel
Wednesday-Friday November 18-20, noon-midnight (performances every hour, on the hour)
Holiday Inn Vancouver Downtown Hotel & Suites, 1110 Howe St

Arising from twelve narratives written by battery opera’s David McIntosh while staying in hotels, M/Hotel is a series of site-specific pieces performed for small audiences within the confines of a standard hotel room. Juxtaposed with the perceived neutrality of its environment, the work offers improvised dances, music and narratives that evoke the transient states within human relationships. The undercurrent of anonymous intimacy thick in the air, the audience members encounter resonant stories and consider together the residue of lives lived between destinations.

Every show is different and you may want to check in for more than one. Each ticket purchased can be reused for the following hour’s show. Just let David know you’d like to extend your stay. You’ll find him at the lobby bar.

Shay Kuebler Radical System Art GLORY
Starrwind Dance Projects/Raven Spirit Dance Spine of the Mother
Wednesday November 18, 8pm

The sensational choreographer and dancer Shay Kuebler blends martial arts, hip hop and contemporary dance to create visceral, high-octane works, incorporating multimedia and visual effects to craft a breathtakingly wild ride. In GLORY he joins an ensemble of daredevil dancers in a work inspired by the epic battles of childhood and a passion for action films, examining the complexities of violent behaviour and its glorification in our media-drenched culture. Starr Muranko’s Spine of the Mother is an innovative collaboration with Indigenous artists in Canada and Peru.  Tracing the inner landscapes of our bodies as women through breath, impulse and memory, the work creates ritual which spans the spine of the mountain range we have shared for millennia. 

Ziyian Kwan | dumb instrument Dance a slow awkward
The Biting School The Righteous Floater
Thursday November 19, 8pm

a slow awkward is a kinetically charged collision of opposing energies. Created and performed by Ziyian Kwan in collaboration with James Gnam, the work embodies violence and vulnerability as a metaphor for the duality of 'feminine and masculine' within us. The resulting duet, which is poignant, unsettling and fierce, reveals the autonomy that accompanies our quest for connection with other people. The Righteous Floater is based on the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, a study of the love, hatred, care, destruction and evil that brothers inflict on each other. Choreographed and performed by brothers Aryo and Arash Khakpour, the work employs full-throttle physicality, deadpan comedy and bold theatricality to devastating effect.

MascallDance The Three Cornered Hat
Friday November 20, 8pm

A powerful study of movement, space and human interaction, Jennifer Mascall’s The Three Cornered Hat employs a deeply collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to create a gutsy and energetic investigation of the spaces in-between. Quirky, eccentric and humorous, abstracted notions of human experience are played out in cramped quarters on stage, manipulating the space to mimic modern living. Interconnected vignettes are stitched together by the performers as they construct worlds out of piles of red artists' notebooks, building sculptural structures imbued with meanings. Featuring six outstanding dancers and fusing movement, poetry, video and live music, this is an intimate and engaging work.

MACHiNENOiSY plaything
Vanessa Goodman | Action at a Distance Wells Hill
Saturday November 21, 8pm

plaything is a vividly imaginative solo created and performed by MACHiNENOiSY's Delia Brett in collaboration with puppeteer Tamara Unroe, animator Jay White, and composer Chris Kelly. Inspired by the contrasts of motherhood, and violent child's play, the work employs a richly multi-layered approach, creating a stunning dreamlike world where beauty emerges from the mundane, and the subversive topples the sublime. The theories of Marshall McLuhan and Glenn Gould, two Canadian luminaries who shared many prescient ideas about how we consume art and information, are at the heart of Vanessa Goodman’s Wells Hill, an exquisitely crafted work which utilizes six superlative dancers and an original score to create a vibrant tapestry of movement, lighting and sound.

Marta Marta Productions Speaking in Ligeti
Sunday November 22, 4pm

The music of the great Hungarian composer György Ligeti provides the starting point for a dazzling collaboration between contemporary choreographer Martha Carter and the renowned Microcosmos String Quartet. An ensemble of accomplished dancers joins forces with the musicians to tackle Ligeti’s Quartet No. 1, creating a dialogue of movement, sound and rhythm that vibrates with contrasts, energy and deep emotion. Carter deftly transforms the music’s anguished reflection of war into a radiant celebration of the human intellect and spirit, which is performed with empathy and commitment.

Dance In Vancouver tickets Subscribe to 3+ shows for $22 per show. Single tickets $30 ($26 for M/Hotel) from Tickets Tonight 604.684.2787 www.ticketstonight.ca.


International Dance Day April 29

Initiated in 1982 by UNESCO, International Dance Day is marked annually on April 29 across Canada and around the world. Each year The Dance Centre presents a program of events celebrating the vitality and diversity of dance in Vancouver. Full program of events to be announced.


12 Minutes Max June 3/season-wide

The 12 Minutes Max series supports the development of innovative new works lasting twelve minutes or less. Three times per season a rotating panel of guest curators will select up to four artists who will develop their works in the studio, followed by public studio showings. Artists and showing dates will be announced throughout the year. A selection of the works will be presented in performance on June 3, 2016 at 8pm.


Residencies and Labs


The Artist-in-Residence program provides support and fully subsidized studio space at Scotiabank Dance Centre to assist dance professionals in the development of new works, with activities ranging from creation and teaching to studio showings, discussions and performances.

2015-2016 Artists-in-Residence:

Julianne Chapple - Justine A. Chambers - Mique’l Dangeli, Git Hayetsk - Noam Gagnon, Vision Impure


The DanceLab interdisciplinary research program supports collaboration between choreographers and artists working in other disciplines, providing fully subsidized studio space for research into how cross-art form collaboration can enhance the development of new work. At the end of the Lab the artists open up the process to the public with an informal free studio presentation.

2015-2016 DanceLab choreographers and collaborators:

-Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi, Kokoro Dance with Standing Wave (music ensemble), Jeffery Ryan (composer), Jonathan Baldock (set/costume designer), Gerald King (lighting designer)
-Deborah Karras and Laurel Lawry, Dovbush Dancers with Troika Collective (theatre artists, singers), Tetiana Zaruba (singer, folk arts specialist)
-Josh Martin and Lisa Gelley, 605 Collective with Rob Sondergaard (lighting designer), Louise A. DeGagne (set designer)
-Shay Kuebler, Shay Kuebler Radical System Art with Craig Alfredson (technical director/interactive software), Jason Overy (percussionist), Danny Nielsen (percussionist/tap dancer)
-Ziyian Kwan, dumb instrument Dance with Tanis Saxby (sculptor), Larissa Lai (writer)


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