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The Dance Centre is the home for dance in British Columbia. We build bridges between the many genres and styles of dance, forging new partnerships and alliances to strengthen the dance movement across the province – promoting talent nationally and internationally.

Your support helps:

  • Support The Dance Centre’s programs.  Programs are designed for dance artists and dance lovers of all ages.
  • Make a big difference to the careers of young dance artists.
  • Foster the professional growth and the artistic vision of dance artists and choreographers through much needed training programs and professional development opportunities.
  • Offer world class performances featuring emerging and established artists from BC and around the world through Discover Dance noon series, Dance In Vancouver, and Global Dance Connections.

To learn more about the impact of supporting dance at The Dance Centre, we invite you to read our Case for Support.

The Dance Centre is grateful to every one of its supporters. Please call us at 604.606.6407 or email us development[at]thedancecentre[dot]ca to learn more about how you can support dance through a donation. 

The Dance Centre is a non-profit organization and a registered charity.

There are so many ways you can make a difference for dance in our community:

  • You can honour or remember someone special.
  • You can become a member of our Choreographer’s Circle.
  • You can make a gift of securities.
  • You can contribute to The Dance Centre's endowment funds
  • You can include The Dance Centre in your bequest plans.
  • You can become a monthly donor
  • You or your company can become involved as a partner or sponsor of workshops and public performances.

Donate to The Dance Centre online. Your gift is tax deductible.

Longstanding Supporter Dedicates Studio to The Dance Centre's Mirna Zagar

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Dance is a language that speaks directly to the human heart.

The Dance Centre is the only organization in British Columbia dedicated to promoting the full spectrum of dance as a performing art. Our stage serves to deliver powerful stories that captivate, inspire, and delight. At The Dance Centre, we believe that dance has the power to move people literally, intellectually and emotionally. We see it happen here every day. We see it all its forms, shapes, and sizes. It could be a class of small children learning their first dance steps, professional choreographers creating new works or couples learning to tango. Your support of this diverse, vibrant art form ensures that we all can continue to share in the emotions and experiences that dance can deliver.

VanCity Dance

The Impact of Dance*

1. Dancing is good for you. Regular dancing helps cut the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. It helps avoid weight gain and improves posture. It encourages coordination, balance and muscle strength. It reduces tension and stress, improves circulation and reduces the risk of late-life scourges like Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
2. Dancing is inspirational. The stimulus that we get from the images and ideas that dancers put in front of us can have a profound effect on our lives. Emotionally, it's an outlet for powerful feelings. Spiritually, it's a way to find fulfilment and serenity. Dance helps us dream the future. It speaks the language of the human heart.
3. Dance brings us closer to each other - literally and metaphorically. Whether it's Swan Lake or salsa, the heart of dancing lies in partnerships and group collaboration. It needs no words. So it cuts across barriers of language, culture and race and lets us explore and share the values and beliefs of our neighbours.

"I wanted to thank you for the Reggae workshop last Saturday, I loved it! You created a really comfortable and fun environment. Along with teaching the dance moves, I believe you are reinforcing for North American women what Latinos already know - there is no reason to be ashamed of your body, so embrace it! This is definitely an important message." Workshop participant, Latidos Productions

Violet Moore Irish Dancers by Harry Brewster

4. Dance contributes to better learning in our young people. We all know how naturally children dance. But studies show that an education that includes dance fosters originality and imaginative problem-solving. Dance encourages both teamwork and self-confidence - essential qualities in the imagination-based society of the 21st century.
5. Dance plays a role in community development. Modern society is increasingly diverse. Dance reinforces partnerships that help us build more collaborative and harmonious communities.
6. Our dancers showcase British Columbia's creativity and demographic variety to the world. If a region or country wishes to thrive in the global economy, it must brand itself as distinctive, imaginative and unique. Our dancers are the visible and colourful creative face of the West Coast. They are ambassadors in motion.

"I learned means to express my creativity and imagination. I got into much better physical shape. I enjoyed the group and creative process and I learned about choreography and the mixture of elements that go into performance. I interacted with tremendous facilitators and benefited from their talent, teaching and experience." Joe Ink Move It! participant

* includes excerpts from A Case of Dance, developed by the Committee for Dance Advocacy, comprising a broad range of BC dance companies and artists, 2008.