Choreographic Projects

2019-2020 Season

Eury Chang
Idan Cohen 
Megan Andrews
Olivia C. Davies/O.Dela Arts

2018-2019 Season

Body Narratives Collective
Danse Carpe Diem/Emmanuel Jouthe
Eury Chang
Karen Jamieson Dance
Walter Kubanek

Previous Projects

Yulanda M Faris Choreographers Program 2017-2018

The Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program was designed to mentor and support three choreographers who are ready to make a significant leap forward in their work, empowering artists and providing them with the tools to position their careers in a national and international context, through exchanges, networking opportunities, mentoring and professional skills development.

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Walter Kubanek: Where is Walter Working? 2017-2018

I’m here! I’m ready to go!  Let’s make something awesome together!

This spring, dance artist Walter Kubanek is offering his services as a dancer, choreographer, or artistic collaborator - for free - to three companies working in very different genres at Scotiabank Dance Centre. Whether it is to fill in for a missing dancer, troubleshoot a difficult section, or to offer ideas for their process; choreographers can choose to use him in any way they need!

A professional dancer for 20 years, Walter is asking bigger questions about dance itself, and examining the functions of creator, interpreter, collaborator. He will examine and expose the act of creation - and the roles that people can play - in a new light.

It is an opportunity to discover the how, why and what of creating a dance piece. For me, as an artist, it is an opportunity to insert myself into unique and multiple dance situations and to stretch to find ways to interact and collaborate in the creation of dance. Scary! Exciting! Fun!

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SLIP(PAGE) 2016-2017 


Slip(page) is a project initiated by Alexa Mardon in collaboration with Robert Azevedo, Ileanna Cheladyn, and Francesca Frewer. This work takes its starting point from co-authored art criticism workshop led by curator and writer Brynn McNab at An Exact Vertigo 2016

Each Friday afternoon between 2 and 4pm, the artists set up their laptops in the lobby of Scotiabank Dance Centre, open a shared Google document, and begin their task of continuously co-authoring a document; composing, editing, erasing, and improvising a live, constantly shifting written score visible to passersby and Dance Centre visitors via the reception's display screen. Moving between description, invention, manifesto, poetry, erasure, and questioning, the group both responds to and shapes the perception of a space which consistently participates in subtle choreographies around dance and dance-making. Runs to October 14, 2016.

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Pressed Paradise 2016-2017 

Pressed Paradise

The Pressed Paradise Collective comprises Arash Khakpour, Heather Lamoureux, Diego Romero, Kelly McInnes and Sepehr Samimi, a group of artists interested in creating performance works in public spaces and outside of traditional theatre settings, reflecting on and reacting to the rhythm of the city. Throughout the season, the Collective will set up events, installations and videos in spaces at Scotiabank Dance Centre that are rarely activated artistically: seeking creativity and inspiration from the secret nooks and crannies, and introducing a new way of looking at the whole building and how every corner of it can be inspiring to create in and inspire others who pass by.  




Migrant Bodies is a two-year research project which ran 2013-2015, created through a partnership between The Dance Centre (Vancouver), Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique (Montreal), Comune di Bassano del Grappa (Italy), The Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance (Croatia), and La Briqueterie - Centre de développement chorégraphique du Val-de-Marne (France). Migrant Bodies used artistic and cultural tools to open up a civil reflection on migration in European and Canadian societies.

Each organization selected three artists: a dance artist, a writer, and a filmmaker. The dance artists, under the guidance of renowned Canadian artist Ginelle Chagnon, travelled to each host city to undertake residencies, take part in workshops and develop their research in collaboration with writers, filmmakers and migrant communities. The writers managed a blog hosted on the project’s website, and filmmakers made short films inspired by the theme of migrations in relation to each local context. The project finished in Italy in July 2015 with an international symposium at the Opera Estate Festival Veneto.

The Vancouver dance artist is Su-Feh Lee, Co-Artistic Director of battery opera performance (pictured: photo by Yvonne Chew) and the filmmaker is interdisciplinary artist Sammy Chien.
The other choreographers are
Cécile Proust (France)
Manuel Roque (Québec)
Alessandro Sciarroni (Italy)
Jasna  Vinovrški (Croatia)

About Migrant Bodies

The world of today is traversed, physically, by a population almost as big in numbers as a continent: the population of migrants. Migrants due to hunger, war, persecution, or by choice, all of them carry their own territory in their bodies – often their only ‘belonging’ and their core identity. Migration resonates differently and has different impacts in each of the involved cities, influencing the demographic, social, cultural, artistic, economic and political scenes. Migrants are increasingly seen as a core element of our self-perception, and the key to understanding ourselves and others. They contribute to a new sense of multicultural citizenship and transform our sense of belonging. In turn this calls for constructive dialogue on cultural differences, to reinforce social inclusion and fight against discrimination and prejudices, creating a sense of mutual understanding and a space of dialogue and tolerance upon which we build new worlds. Migrant Bodies seeks to create a European/Canadian laboratory, in which mainstream images in relation to migration are examined through the universal language of the arts. The body of the artist is seen as the ideal medium to portray new identities that come to be as a result of migration across territories and continents.

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Residencies schedule
July 1 - 10: Bassano del Grappa (Italy)
July 12 - 20: Zagreb (Croatia)
October 6 - 24: Montreal (Quebec)
November 17 - 27: Vancouver (British Colombia)
December 8 - 18: Vitry-sur-Seine (France)
February 9 - 19: Vancouver (British Colombia)
March 11 - 21: Vitry-sur-Seine (France)
June 11 - 14: Zagreb (Croatia)
June 29 - July 4: Bassano del Grappa (Italy)

Supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


605 Collective + Justine A. Chambers: splay 2014-2015 season

splay: photo Josh Martin

Throughout the 2014-2015 season, 605 Collective and dance artist Justine A Chambers created an intriguing series of site-specific dance happenings and installations behind the doors of our 1930 Art Deco frontage on Granville Street. Inspired by the architecture and the history of the site and the concept of confined space, the project put the process of creation in the public realm and encourage opportunities for dialogue, dissolving the barriers between performers and passersby/audience members. 

On the blog: SPLAY - Practice Space


Choreographic Workshop with Gabi Beier (Berlin) February 2015

Julianne Chapple: photo Yvonne Chew

Photo of Julianne Chapple by Yvonne Chew

The Dance Centre and Dance Victoria brought renowned dance dramaturge Gabi Beier of Berlin’s ada studio to Vancouver and Victoria in February 2015. In each city, Beier worked in the studio with emerging dance artists Julianne Chapple and Michael Kong (Vancouver), Dyana Sonik-Henderson and Stacey Horton with Treena Stubel and Brandy Baybutt (Victoria) during a two-week immersive experience as they developed new group works.

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Dance Victoria

Part of Dance Victoria's 2015 LOLA Projects


CO:LAB 2012

A Dance Centre and Canadian Music Centre project, CO:LAB was a collaborative laboratory where six choreographers and six composers came together in the studio to explore the infinite possibilities of contemporary interdisciplinary creative process. The concept of CO:LAB was to provide an opportunity for artists to share, challenge and surprise each other creatively, provoking new ideas and opening dialogue without the pressure of a final production.

Composers: Christopher Reiche, Adam Hill, Viviane Houle, Michael Park, Dorothy Chang, Edward Henderson

Choreographers: Barbara Bourget, Paras Terezakis, Daelik, Deanna Peters, Troy McLaughlin, Julianne Chapple

Directors: Martha Carter, Lee Su-Feh, John Korsrud


Triptych International Research Project 2010-2012

Triptych was a three-year international choreographic project hosted by the Operaestate Festival Veneto, Italy; Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique, Montreal; and The Dance Centre, Vancouver.

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