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James Proudfoot 
Tuesday May 14
1-4pm (Faris Family Studio)

James is Vancouver’s leading lighting designer in dance, who has designed for dances in festival formats to full evening performances. Learn the different ways that lighting can support your work and learn the terminology to effectively communicate your ideas to a lighting designer. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to prepare for a lighting hang, learn about focusing lights, and how to use lighting to create different moods and looks, structure the space, and support the physical and thematic aspects of choreography.

Working with a Lighting Designer

Sophia Wolfe (F-O-R-M)
Monday May 27
12-4 (Birmingham Studio)

Experiment and play with ways to capture and record movement through the camera. We will start with a group warm up that will guide us into our bodies, and then into our filmmaking senses. This will lead into tasks where you will have a chance to be the mover in front of the camera and the mover holding the camera. How do the two respond to one another? How do they connect an influence one another? We will look for ways we can accentuate and highlight our motions through the lens. We will briefly look at the Final Cut Pro X Interface together, and look at creating a short movement film of our own!  Open to anyone who wants to move their bodies and discover new ways of capturing movement on film.

Required materials: Bring your own camera recording device - Can be as simple as just a smart phone. Make sure it has space to record, and is able to transfer files onto a computer. Wear Comfortable clothes.

Capturing Movement

Lisa Gelley & Josh Martin (Company 605)
Monday June 10
12-4pm (Jarislowsky Studio)

Build, warp, shape, and disrupt raw movement with methods used in Company 605’s creative process. This workshop will focus on movement construction and the malleability of what is made. Participants will experiment with layering tasks, qualities and values onto movement, and consider how this layering may affect what the movement is saying. They will be given starting points for searching out and building movement, suggestions for creative approaches to reworking movement, and ways of provoking new perspectives to support existing ideas. Working individually and in small groups, participants will build their own movement from scratch, but are also invited to bring existing movement to experiment with in the workshop. Likewise, participants may wish to use material created during the workshop to continue developing further on their own.

Movement Layering


The Business of Dance Information Sessions 2018 - 2019
Informative group sessions  designed for artists and others working in the dance sector to ask Dance Centre staff questions about specific topics ranging from grant writing, career development, marketing, Dance Centre programs, and more.

April 3 (11-12noon): Budgeting for the Working Artist
May 8 (10-11am): Communicating Dance: When? Who? How? What?

* You do not have to attend the 11-12pm programming session if you want to only attend the meet & greet with the DIV 2019 curator. It's an option to RSVP for one or both.

Book at any time: Maximizing your Membership
Hilary Maxwell Member Services Coordinator

Location: Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St, Vancouver.
Registration: Email or call member services at 604.606.6416 no later than 3pm on Monday the week of the info session.
Cost: Dance Centre members FREE / Non-members $20 + GST


Consultations with experienced Dance Centre staff provide information on grant writing, touring, incorporation, marketing and other topics.

Members $25 per hour + GST
Non-members $35 per hour + GST

To book a consultation or to register for a workshop call Member Services at 604.606.6416 or email