Middle Eastern

Chichaklar Dance Group

Chichaklar Dance Group is a Vancouver-based group which teaches and performs Azerbaijani folk dances. The aim of the group is to introduce this beautiful dance form to the Canadian society, especially to the youth.


Lynette Harper

Lynette Harper is a longtime teacher, performer and scholar of Arab and Turkish dance genres, including contemporary, historical, and fusion forms.


Maki Natori

A lifelong dancer - Maki is an instructor, choreographer & performer of Middle Eastern Dance, including Raks Sharki (Bellydance) & regional folkloric dances of the Middle East. She has been featured in film, TV & numerous stage performances internationally & locally. Maki has been a guest performer and speaker at the International Bellydance Conference of Canada & is an award winning choreographer for the Raks Devas, a competitive Middle Eastern Dance group. In addition to teaching her regular classes, she is a founding member and co-director of the Noor Dance Company based in Vancouver, BC


Rahma Haddad

Born in Edmonton Alberta, the first grandchild of early Lebanese immigrants, Rahma spent her formative years immersed in an Arabic speaking milieu, enjoying the food, music, dance and pampering of the Bekka Valley culture. A performer and teacher of ‘bellydance’ since 1975, she still occasionally performs in festivals, theaters and more, in addition to teaching regular classes. Rahma is a recipient of two Canada Council grants, with an impressive record of film and T.V. appearances, and articles and reviews - both nationally and internationally.


Tania Pereira Do Amaral

Originally from Mozambique, Africa, Tania began her training in ballet and traditional dance as a young girl. At the age of 18, she discovered tribal fusion and started to create and explore this magnificent way of dancing. From there, she traveled to gain more experience and trained with renowned teachers of tribal fusion, including Rachel Brice, Samantha Emanuel, Amy Sigil, Ashely Lopes. Tania is a teacher, student, choreographer, and tribal fusion belly-dancer.