Hip hop

Project Soul

The SOULdier’s company was created to share founder/artistic director Kim Sato’s passion for hip hop culture with other dancers. A main goal of the company is to hone the skills of young dancers so that they have an easy transition into the professional industry. Another goal of the company is to outreach to the community and share the positive attributes that hip hop culture can provide to it unlike how it is negatively portrayed in the media. They share their love of hip hop culture through performing at various events around town.



RSVP 33 offers dance for and for fitness. We are beginner-friendly and our classes are upbeat and a great workout. We operate with themes like Beyonce, Throwback, or GoodGirlxBadGirl.


Yumeko Kon

Yumeko Kon is a dancer, choreographer, singer, and song writer. Yumeko's career began in 1995 dancing in concerts, TV programs, music videos, and musical theatre shows. She was in the opening act for Rakim and Foxy Brown. Her dance style is based in Hip Hop and Reggae from the 90’s, mixed with House and African style dance, creating a free feminine style. She teaches Hip Hop, Reggae, House and Groovin' for beginners every Saturday 2pm to 3pm at Scotiabank Dance Centre.