Making Conversation

Company 605 photo Tim Matheson

Making Conversation – Sharing Series

A pilot program co-produced by Company 605 and Associate Artistic Producer Avery Smith
Supported through The Dance Centre’s Artist-in-Residence Program
Scotiabank Dance Centre

March-June 2019
Registration opens February 4, 2019

Making Conversation is a series of community-building meet-ups running roughly twice per month for four months. Closed to the public, these sessions are about creating a safe space for peer-to-peer professional development, multi-generational exchange and extended dialogue about creative process and the act of making. Participants form a cohort that will take turns sharing ideas and excerpts from any projects they are currently working on, discuss creative problems and solutions they have encountered in their work, and invite specific input and conversation from fellow participating artists.

This sharing series may help artists exercise speaking about their own work and practice, and the work of others, face to face while simultaneously taking advantage of the different experience and perspectives present in the room. It offers a low pressure, non-hierarchical, artist-held space for experimentation, listening, learning and choreographic exchange, with goals to be:

  • An opportunity for artists to share unpolished material and brainstorm around ideas that are not yet fully formed, with other artists who are similarly in early to mid stages of a new creation.
  • A confidential conversation focused on the participants’ individual pursuits within their craft of dance-making, attempting to articulate the complex inner-workings of their processes, the difficulties / roadblocks faced, and tools they are discovering.
  • An environment to practice how to ask for and receive different types of feedback and critique, a place to practice not knowing with one another, while utilizing a sounding board made up of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • A way for artists to make new connections, and find community and support along the daunting and sometimes isolating process of making work.

Participant Information

  • Registration opens February 4 - see schedule below.
  • With multi-generational conversation as a goal, the series is for professional dance artists of all ages and at all career stages, working in all dance genres.
  • There will be a maximum of 8 choreographers/directors/creators in the group, plus any additional dance artists directly involved in the creator’s current work (if applicable).
  • There is no selection process - the first 8 participants to sign up who meet the requirements will form the closed group.
  • Dance Centre membership is not required to participate.
  • Artists must commit to attending at least 6 of the 8 sessions, be able to loosely articulate the work(s) they plan to share in the series, and confirm their willingness to share material from its process and contribute to the dialogue of the sessions.

The Sessions

  • Sessions will occur twice a month from late March-June 2019, each lasting 3 hours. (See schedule below.)
  • Participants will be signed up to share on specific dates well in advance to ensure that something will be shown at each session and that everyone has a chance to share.
  • There will be one meeting held in advance of the first session to jointly set the parameters of the room, develop the structure of joint-facilitation, and mutually establish goals, expectations and procedural policy.
  • Parameters will be clearly established in writing and shared before the start of every session, however each artist may choose to target the focus of conversation around their own work.

Making Conversation Schedule

Registration opens February 4
Preparation Meeting - Mid March TBA
March 31, 12-3pm
April 14, 12-2:30pm
April 28, 12-3pm
May 5, 12-3pm
May 19, 12-3pm
June 2, 12-3pm
June 16, 12-3pm
June 23, 12-3pm

How to Register

Registration opens February 4, 2019. There is no selection process - the first 8 to register will form the group.

Email Linda Blankstein, Associate Producer, at associate[at]thedancecentre[dot]ca with ‘Making Conversation’ in the subject line and include the following information:

  • Your name, address, email address and phone number
  • Artistic statement (maximum 500 words):

- Briefly describe the nature of the creation project(s) you will be undertaking during the period of March-June 2019, and what stage/phase of the process(es) you feel you will be in at that time. (The program is intended for all different contexts of creation)
- Confirm your ability to show (in-studio) portions of research, raw material, work-in-progress at two of the eight sessions, or explain how you intend to share parts of your process and creation with the group.
- Making Conversation is a pilot program, and an experiment in cross-generational / peer-to-peer professional development. Describe 1-2 main goals, or specific desired outcomes, you have by participating in this series.

Questions? Contact Linda Blankstein, Associate Producer, at 604.606.6423 email

Photo: Tim Matheson