Studio showing at Scotiabank Dance Centre/photo Chris Randle

Talks, Workshops, Studio Showings

April 2019

12 Minutes Max
Zahra Shahab - Avery Smith - Eowynn Enquist - Ted Littlemore
Tuesday April 16, 2019 | 6-7.15pm

Free admission

DanceLab program: TWObigsteps Collective: Livespace
Saturday-Sunday April 27-28, 2019 | 8-8.20pm, 8.35-8.55pm, 9.10-9.30pm

Marcuse Studio: Free admission

Livespace is a movement installation that questions the technological lens and its influence on how we receive information. Through the use of a livestream video, the dancers explore the emotional states we culturally experience in relation to technology, including presence and perception.
This piece will be presented both online and in studio. Online access can be found through TWObigsteps Collective’s Facebook page during performance times.
Choreographer: Marissa Wong
Performers: Katie Cassady, Stephanie Cyr, Sarah Formosa, Matisse Maitland
Collaborators: Marisa Christogeorge, Andrew Haydock, Richie Lubaton, Eden Solomon
Composer: Jamie Bradbury
Lighting Design: Chengyan Boon

May 2019

DanceLab program: Thoenn Glover
Friday May 10, 2019 | showings at 5pm, 5.15pm, 5.30pm, 5.45pm

Faris Family Studio: free admission
For their first collaboration Thoenn Glover, Samantha-Jane Grey, and Haylee Nichele are drawing inspiration from the writings of Clarissa Pinkola Estes and their own personal journeys with tarot cards. In PACK the team is experimenting with creating an immersive and theatrical experience by purposely breaking the conventions and expectations of concert dance. Audience members will enter the piece individually, be guided through specific locations of the Faris Family Studio, and be asked to actively engage with the work. The possibilities are endless when the fourth wall is removed and the audience placed at the heart of the narrative. Due to the intimate format (maximum 4 audience members per showing) advance reservations are essential: bookings open soon.

Davida Monk: Anatomy of a Choreography, Ashes for Beauty
Saturday May 11, 2019 | 2-3pm

Faris Family Studio: free admission
Davida Monk presents a lecture and audio/visual presentation on the creative process of Ashes for Beauty, which can be seen as part of the Global Dance Connections series May 23-25 at 8pm.

Information is subject to change.

Photo: Chris Randle