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October 2-4 Focus Cia De Dança
October 16-17 Lucy Guerin Inc
December 11-14 Out Innerspace Dance Theatre
January 31-February 2 Wen Wei Dance + Turning Point Ensemble
February 6-8 Dana Michel
March 12-14 Bill Coleman
April 23-25 Hillel Kogan


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5 show pack $120 ($24 per ticket – save up to 30%)
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Focus Cia De Dança
Still Reich
Wednesday-Friday October 2-4 | 8pm
Post-show talkback October 3

Focus Cia De Danca photo Fernanda Vallois

Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2000 by Brazilian choreographer Alex Neoral, Focus Cia De Dança has found huge audience success at home and abroad with its surging physicality and poetic depth. Neoral’s artistic approach is rooted in Brazilian tradition but is fiercely modern, blending ballet and contemporary techniques. Still Reich comprises four dynamic works choreographed to the propulsive music of the iconic American composer Steve Reich. Pathways is built on intricate duets; Trilas explores how everything can change in a moment; Wood Steps is inspired by nomadic life; and Keta shows the dancers working at maximum power and velocity. Packed with complex partnering and sculpted shapes, the fluent choreography drives a celebration of movement, sound, and rhythm.


$34 regular/$25 students, seniors, CADA members/$21 Dance Centre members

Duration: 60 minutes
This performance includes nudity
Photo Fernanda Vallois

Choreography: Alex Neoral | Dancers: Carolina de Sá, Cosme Gregory, José Villaça, Marcio Jahú, Marina Teixeira, Monise Marques, Roberta Bussoni |Music: Steve Reich | Costumes: Alex Neoral | Lighting: Binho Schaeffer | Production direction: Tatiana Garcias | Lighting operator | Anderson Ratto. Focus Cia De Danca is sponsored by Petrobras.

Lucy Guerin Inc
Wednesday-Thursday October 16-17 | 8pm
Post-show artist talkback October 17

Lucy Guerin Inc photo Gregory Lorenzutti

Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin’s sharp, elegant Split reflects the dilemmas of negotiating with oneself and others in a world of increased pressure and reduced resources. Two outstanding female dancers – one clothed and one naked – are framed by ever-diminishing dimensions of space and time with escalating intensity, accompanied by a pulsing electronic score. Cycling through competition, negotiation, harmony and aggression, this thought-provoking, multilayered work has received numerous awards. Lucy Guerin Inc was established in Melbourne in 2002 and is regarded as one of Australia’s most fearless dance companies, touring internationally. Guerin has also been commissioned by leading organizations including Mikhail Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project, Rambert, and Chunky Move.


$34 regular/$25 students, seniors, CADA members/$21 Dance Centre members

Duration: 50 minutes
This performance includes nudity
Photo Gregory Lorenzutti
Choreographer: Lucy Guerin | Composer: Scanner | Lighting Design: Paul Lim | Sound Designer: Robin Fox | Dancers:  Melanie Lane, Lilian Steiner (Premiere Season) and Ashley McLellan (other presentations) | Production Manager:  James Lipari | Producer: Michaela Coventry | Company Manager: Tegan Nash | Lucy Guerin Inc is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body; the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria’s Organisation Investment Program; and the City of Melbourne, through its triennial funding. | Split was supported by City of Melbourne through Arts House.

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre
Wednesday-Saturday December 11-14 | 8pm
Post-show artist talkback December 12

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre photo David Raymond

Vancouver’s Out Innerspace Dance Theatre combines virtuosic, hyper-detailed choreography with visual magic to make engaging dance works which reflect a time of rapid change, of ever-shifting boundaries, and of conflict and hope. Bygones is a new work created and performed by co-directors David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen in collaboration with dancers Renée Sigouin, Elya Grant and David Harvey. It considers how we are shaped by what we have overcome: and how something challenging can lead to something beautiful. Innovative movement, ghostly architecture, and transformed objects immerse us in a haunting universe of pseudo-things and supernatural selves existing on the margins of form and formlessness.


$35 regular/$25 students, seniors, CADA members/$21 Dance Centre members

Duration: TBA
This performance includes strobe lighting, sudden sound effects, and haze
Presented through the Artist-in-Residence program
Photo David Raymond/Dancer Tiffany Tregarthen/Mask Design Lyle Reimer (LyleXOX)

Created & Performed by David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen in collaboration with Elya Grant, David Harvey and Renée Sigouin  | Lighting Design: James Proudfoot | Video Design: Eric Chad | Sound Design: Kate De Lorme | Costume Design: Kate Burrows | Mixed Media Mask & Hands Design: Lyle Reimer (LyleXOX) | Apprentices: Aiden Cass and Zahra Shahab | Bygones is produced by Agora de la Danse, La Rotonde and Dance Victoria and was awarded 2019 Crystal Dance Prize.

Wen Wei Dance and Turning Point Ensemble
Flying white 
Friday-Saturday January 31-February 1 | 7.30pm
Sunday February 2 | 2pm
Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre
SFU Woodwards: Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings Street

Wen Wei Dance/photo by Emily Cooper

Two of Canada’s leading voices in contemporary dance and music join forces to create an ambitious new work exploring the intersection between their respective art forms. Wen Wei Dance Artistic Director Wen Wei Wang’s beautifully crafted choreography encompasses both his Chinese heritage and his Canadian identity, drawing on aspects of Tai Chi, martial arts and Peking Opera. The score – by Turning Point Ensemble Artistic Director Owen Underhill and Vancouver composer Dorothy Chang – will be played on Chinese traditional instruments and Western instruments. With guest musicians from Taiwan joining local musicians and dancers on stage, this profoundly intercultural and personal project will reflect the rich and distinctive character of Vancouver.


Duration: TBA
Supported through the Artist-in-Residence program
Photo Emily Cooper
Presented by

Turning Point Ensemble     SFU Woodward's PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Dana Michel
Thursday-Saturday February 6-8 | 8pm
Post-show artist talkback February 7

Dana Michel/photo Jocelyn Michel

The audacious and original works of Montreal-based dance artist Dana Michel have earned international attention and prestigious awards including the Jardin d’Europe Award at ImPulsTanz (Vienna), and the Silver Lion for Innovation in Dance at the Venice Biennale. Michel breaks through conventions with her daring choreographies, rejecting stereotypical physicality and identity, and creating a liberated world of shape-shifting metamorphosis, incorporating elements ranging from sculpture and comedy, to psychology and social commentary. Her latest creation, CUTLASS SPRING, delves into the mystery of the sexual self, exploring how cultural repression and her life as a performer, a mother, and a lover have shaped her sexual identity. 


$37 regular/$29 students/$27 Dance Centre members

Duration: 60 minutes
This performance includes nudity
Photo Jocelyn Michel
Presented with 

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Created and performed by Dana Michel | Artistic Activators: Ellen Furey, Peter James, Mathieu Léger, Heidi Louis, Roscoe Michel, Karlyn Percil, Yoan Sorin, Alanna Stuart | Sound Consultant: David Drury | Lighting Design: Karine Gauthier | Technical Direction: Caroline Nadeau and Karine Gauthier | Production: Dana Michel | Executive  Production: Par B.L.eux | Distribution: Key Performance – Julia Asperska, Koen Vanhove

Coproduction: Arsenic - Centre d’art scénique Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland), Bastard Festival (Trondheim, Norway), Black Box Teater (Oslo, Norway), Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans (France), National Arts Center (Ottawa, Canada), Festival TransAmériques (Montreal, Canada), Julidans (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Bruxelles, Belgium), Montpellier Danse (France), Moving in November (Helsinki, Finland). Co-produced with the support of the Visiting Dance Artist Program, a joint initiative of the National Arts Centre and the Canada Council for the Arts. | The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Bill Coleman
Thursday-Saturday March 12-14 | 8pm
Post-show artist talkback March 13

Bill Coleman photo Daniel Paquet

In Dollhouse, Canadian contemporary dance master and choreographer Bill Coleman portrays a figure whose whole world is literally falling in around him. Inhabiting a cluttered room which collapses and breaks at his every touch, he shares the stage with sound artist Gordon Monahan, whose unique score accompanies the descent into theatrical disintegration. Coleman resembles a modern fakir, as he suffers through painful yet comical situations on his way to sonic and visual chaos. Wildly original and virtually unclassifiable, Dollhouse encompasses tap dancing, performance art and sound installation, using mechanical and electronic objects, both handmade and found, to deliver surprising and dazzling images and rhythms.


$35 regular/$27 seniors/$22 students, CADA and Dance Centre members

Duration: 60 minutes
Photo Daniel Paquet

Presented with 

Vancouver New Music

Concept, dance, performance: Bill Coleman | Music, sound, visuals: Gordon Monahan | Additional design: Pierre Lavoie & David Gaucher

Hillel Kogan
We Love Arabs
Thursday-Saturday April 23-25 | 8pm 
April 24 performance in French 
Post-show talkbacks April 24 (French) and April 25 (English)

Hillel Kogan photo Maria Grazia Lenzini

We Love Arabs dives headlong into the toughest of questions - how can we co-exist within conflict? Somewhere in Tel Aviv, a Jewish choreographer enlists an Arab dancer to help create a work that will overcome fears and carry a message of peace. But as the work progresses, power struggles ensue; bodies resist control. Skewering choreographic fads as well as unconscious bias and misplaced good intentions, the piece unfolds as a corrosively funny takedown of politics, ethnic stereotypes, and contemporary dance itself. Hillel Kogan is one of Israel’s most successful independent choreographers, blending biting political and social commentary with a highly physical movement language, and this award-winning work has been a hit on stages all over the world.


Duration: 55 minutes
This performance includes haze
Photo Maria Grazia Lenzini
Presented with 

Theatre la Seizieme

Dancers: Adi Boutrous and Hillel Kogan | Lighting: Amir Castro | Music: Kazem Alsaher, WA Mozart | Artistic Advisors: Inbal Yaacobi and Rotem Tashach | Supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and the Israeli Lottery Arts Council.

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