Global Dance Connections series 2017-2018

Our current season has finished: details for 2018-19 are coming soon!

Past Shows

Wednesday-Saturday September 20-23, 8pm
Post-show talkback September 21

Saudade - a Portuguese word that represents a deep, constant desire for a reality that does not, and probably cannot, exist - investigates loss, memory, and the longing for something unattainable. Six male dancers merge elegant balletic lines with street-style dynamism and drive, conjuring up fleeting intimacies in a series of ghostly solos, duets, and group passages, accompanied by Hildur Guðnadóttir’s hauntingly beautiful cello score. A British Columbian choreographer who has achieved international success, Joshua Beamish brings together an ensemble whose collective credits include leading companies such as Nederlands Dans Theater, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Sasha Waltz & Guests, and La La La Human Steps.

Performers: Sean Aaron Carmon, Graham Kaplan, David Norsworthy, Kévin Quinaou, Dominic Santia, Tim Stickney
Duration: 60 minutes
Photo Craig Foster


Compañia Sharon Fridman
Hasta Dónde…? + All Ways
Thursday-Saturday October 12-14, 8pm
Post-show talkback October 13

Compania Sharon Fridman/photo Ignacio Urrutia

One of a new generation of sensational Israeli choreographers, Sharon Fridman has taken the dance world by storm since establishing his company in Madrid a decade ago. His athletic, adventurous work is rooted in contact improvisation techniques, filtered through an innate musicality and an eye for design. Hasta Dónde…? explores the relationship between two men as it evolves through dependency, struggle and harmony. The endlessly fluid lifts and tumbles are propelled by a wonderful surging score. Fridman’s latest work All Ways is a meditation on the multiple paths before us: seven outstanding dancers power through an extreme physical and emotional spectrum, which ranges from fierce urgency to calm contemplation.
Duration: 60 minutes
This performance includes nudity
Photo: Ignacio Urrutia


Nicola Gunn
Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster
Wednesday-Friday January 17-19, 8pm
Post-show talkback January 18

Nicola Gunn/photo Gregory Lorenzutti

Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster is a provocative muse on peace and conflict, moral relativism and the very function of art, inspired by an incident where a woman saw a man throwing stones at a sitting duck, and she yelled at him. The result is a gloriously off-kilter dissection of the excruciating realms of human behaviour, and a navigation of the moral and ethical complexities of intervention. Australia’s Nicola Gunn is an irresistible performer, delivering a dizzyingly witty text littered with anecdotes, digressions and philosophical theory, at the same time performing non-stop choreography that shifts from the comically incongruous to the strangely affecting.

Concept, Text, Direction, Performance Nicola Gunn | Choreography Jo Lloyd | Sound Composition and Design Kelly Ryall | AV Design Martyn Coutts | Lighting Design Niklas Pajanti | Costume Design & Construction Shio Otani | Script Dramaturg Jon Haynes | Production Manager Gwen Gilchrist | Producer Jenny Vila

Duration: 70 minutes
This performance includes lasers, haze, and coarse language
Presented with

PuSh Festival
Photo Gregory Lorenzutti

Daina Ashbee
Thursday-Saturday February 1-3, 8pm
Post-show artist talkback February 2

Pour/photo Daina Ashbee, Alejandro Jimenez

A dark and devastating solo, Pour explores the vulnerability and strength of women, using the taboo subject of the menstrual cycle as a departure point and turning it into an object of painful beauty steeped in symbolism. The piece applies imagery from the seal hunt to boldly tackle complex questions about femininity, blood, and the loss of control, deploying the body and voice in an unflinching depiction of suffering and catharsis. Daina Ashbee has quickly become a prolific and prominent Canadian choreographer, whose work is rooted in her relation to the land, the environment and her ancestors. A BC native of Cree, Métis and Dutch heritage, she is now based in Montreal.

Creator, Director, Choreographer, Scenographer Daina Ashbee | Performer Paige Culley | Lighting Designer Hugo Dalphond | Original Soundscape Designer Jean-Francois Blouin | Understudy Emilie Morin | Outside Eyes Andrew Tay, Angelique Wilkie

Duration: 60 minutes
This performance includes nudity

Presented with 
PuSh Festival

Photo Daina Ashbee/Alejandro Jimenez

WEE/Francesco Scavetta
Hardly Ever
Thursday-Saturday April 5-7, 8pm
Post-show artist talkback April 6

Hardly Ever/photo Francesco Scavetta

Italian-born but based in Norway, Francesco Scavetta’s wildly inventive work is at the forefront of the Nordic dance scene and has toured all over the world. Hardly Ever looks at truth and falsehood, in the theatre and in life, testing the gap between expectations and the unexpected. Four multi-talented performers dance, talk, and sing, playing on and with a splendidly quirky stage set. Verbal statements provoke physical responses and strange mismatches: the body becomes a fiction, on which an endless array of other fictions can be articulated in movement. Offbeat, funny, poetic and surprising, Hardly Ever negotiates questions of reality, untruths, and who we can trust.
Duration: 80 minutes
Presented with the support of
Il Centro Italian Cultural Centre
Photo: Francesco Scavetta


Second Nature
Thursday-Saturday May 24-26, 8pm
Post-show artist talkback May 25

Aeriosa photo Tim Matheson

Aeriosa’s breathtaking aerial productions combine the techniques of dance and rock-climbing, using rope rigging systems to find new movement possibilities in the realm of suspension. Equally at home on buildings, in treetops or on mountainsides, the company blends art, environment and adventure. Artistic Director Julia Taffe’s latest creation brings Aeriosa back into the theatre: Second Nature explores the many qualities, forms and lifecycles of bamboo, both as a transformative substance and a metaphor for our own journeys. Performed by a cast of fearless dancers, with music by award-winning composer Jordan Nobles, the work examines ideas of organic architecture and natural materials, and traces a path through complex, shifting perspectives.
Duration: TBA
Presented with 
Photo Tim Matheson