Asta Alliance Association

Asta Alliance Association presents Tapasvee 
Sunday August 18, 2019
Main Stage at Surrey Arts Centre 
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Through a production on Indian Classical Dance, our aim is to explore the idea of Tapas, or self-reflection. In Hindu tradition, Shiva is believed to be the ultimate tapasvee, embodying the highest manifestation of agency. Using this metaphor of Shiva, we will explore the central theme of non-duality and its interpretation in the classical dance traditions of India in hopes of evoking an internal dialogue within the audience resulting in quiet introspection. Featuring the following performing artists: • Enakshi Sinha presenting Odissi (Toronto) • Prajakta Trehan presenting Kathak (Surrey) • Naren Ganesan presenting Bharatanatyam (Edmonton) • Vidya Kotamraju, Jaylakshmi Ravindra, Ashika Narayan, Arno Kamolika, Nandini Soni, Shreeya Parekh of Mandala Arts & Culture presenting Bharatanatyam (Vancouver) Tapasvee will conclude with a short talkback to facilitate an intimate discussion between the audience and artists.