New Works Season Launch

New Works Season Launch: NEW WORKS AT NIGHT

September 21, 2017
Doors 7:30pm | Performance 8:00pm
Annex, 823 Seymour St., Vancouver


New Works is proud to launch our 20th season by featuring three duets by six talented, emerging female dance artists: Zhara Shahab and Katie Lowen; Erika Mitsuhashi and Francesca Frewer; Jessica Wilke and Laura Avery. This evening of performances is curated by local and nationally renowned choreographer and artist Justine A. Chambers.

Blue Crush by Katie Lowen and Zahra Shahab – An investigation of organic and plastic skins, and the ability to engulf, reveal, and conceal. Blue Crush explores the subversion of desire, the power of imitation, and the body in flux.

The Saddest Girl At The Party, by Francesca Frewer and Erika Mitsuhashi – An ode to the attempt and a lament for that which is given up on. Movement crafted into games and absurd scenarios composes this duet, that lies somewhere between playful and heartbreaking; but falling (maybe, almost) just shy of each.

i think you might be spilling, by Jessica Wilke and Laura Avery – An inquiry into tenderness as resilience, into labours of loving, and into our love affairs with our house plants and our moss gardens. The work attempts to stumble up against varying forms of intimacy-“romantic” and otherwise- that defy easy categorization and that sustain us.