ArtSpring Presents

Josh Beamish
Saudade (ensemble)
Concerto (solo)

October 5, 2017 at 7:30 pm; bar 6:30 pm
(post-show talkback)

100 Jackson Avenue, Salt Spring Island

proudly sponsored by Joan Farlinger and Salt Spring Coffee

Saudade is a love that remains, a constant desire for a reality unlikely to exist – the love after someone leaves…This year, Josh Beamish offers two performances in one night.

Saudade, featuring six male dancers illustrating the human condition of men seeking relationships in today’s technological society. A mating ritual of connecting and luring the object of desire through a plumage of expressive body language. Searching for Mr. Right who exists only in their fantasies. Driven by a compulsive need that cannot be filled. Endless longing. Endless frustration over never finding him.

Followed by Josh Beamish performing a dramatic and telling solo performance.