EDAM Choreographic Series

EDAM presents Convergence
featuring new work by
Noam Gagnon (Vision Impure), Vanessa Goodman (Action at a Distance) and Peter Bingham (EDAM)
May 24, 26, 27, 31, June 2,3, 2017
EDAM Studio Theatre, 303 E. 8th Ave., Vancouver
Advance tickets will be available on-line at brownpapertickets.com
For further information: 604-876-9559 or info@edamdance.org

Join us for EDAM’s Spring Series, featuring new dance works by guest artists Noam Gagnon and Vanessa Goodman, as well as piece by the EDAM Company.

Noam Gagnon will present Between Us, a reflection upon the enigmatic words of Fernando Pessoa:  “There are no norms. All people are exceptions of a rule that doesn’t exist.” Performed by Lara Barclay, Heather Dotto and Graham Kaplan.

Vanessa Goodman’s work, Accumulating, examines bodies of water and the water of our bodies. This piece was created in collaboration with audiovisual artist Loscil and performers Alexa Mardon and Karissa Barry.

Peter Bingham’s piece, Divergence, explores how structure determines relationships, how freedom finds expression within restrictions. The dancers can only meet according to pre-set rules, but within this framework they are free to improvise. Where do the dances converge, when do they diverge? Through their dancing the space becomes the choreography. Performed by Delia Brett, Anne Cooper, James Gnam, Elissa Hanson, Walter Kubanek, Alex Mah, Diego Romero and Olivia Shaffer.  

Vanessa Goodman
Photo by David Cooper