plastic orchid factory & MAYDAY/Mélanie Demers

plastic orchid factory & MAYDAY/Mélanie Demers present

Animal Triste
October 19, 20 & 21 at 8pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre 

In the world’s grand parade, humans are nothing more than sad little animals. Prisoners of a hidden biology that guides their every step. In MAYDAY/Mélanie Demers' Animal Triste, a national cast of stellar, inexhaustible performers grapple with this inner turmoil. With setbacks and vagaries of living together. Neither quite man nor woman, slaves to their desires and anxious to escape them, they are terrestrial beings, wild animals, angels and demons. Side by side, these domesticated primates rush towards something: their ruin, most likely. “The result is a pivotal work.” (C. Lalonde, Le Devoir). Direction & choreography: Mélanie Demers On stage: Marc Boivin, James Gnam, Brianna Lombardo & Riley Sims Dramaturge: Angélique Willkie Rehearsal Director: Anne-Marie Jourdenais Original Lighting: Alexandre Pilon-Guay Music: Jacques Poulin-Denis & Antoine Berthiaume Producer: Natalie LeFebvre Gnam Photo: Mathieu Doyon More info: