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Posted on August 15, 2017 in General
The Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program: Ottawa Launch

The Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program officially took flight in July as the three participating artists headed to Ottawa for the first leg of their experience.

Accompanied by dramaturge and mentor Jo Leslie and our Executive Director Mirna Zagar, participants Vanessa Goodman, Justine A. Chambers, and Daina Ashbee, took part in Canada Scene and the Canada Dance Festival. Here they took in performances, met key national and international presenters, and attended showcases, workshops and lectures.

This intense program concluded with the official launch and presentation of the Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program to guests of Canada Dance Festival and each artist delivered a short presentation of their work, highlighting details about their artistic interests and upcoming plans. Among the crowd? National and international dance promoters, festival directors, representatives of federal funding bodies such as the Canada Council for the Arts and Canadian Heritage, and local arts community and practitioners. 

Some artistic impressions

Vanessa Goodman:

This video serves as a collection of my impressions of the first part of the Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program with time spent going to and from Vancouver to Ottawa. Moments captured during Canada Dance Festival at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa Dance Directive with Justine A. Chambers at the Anne Troake workshop, and the National Art Gallery.  

Daina Ashbee:

Leaving Montreal again,
to arrive in Ottawa
It's been such a rush, I don't even know what CDF stands for.
Then I realize this is the Canada Dance Festival
Oh yes, I'm in Canada. 
It's July. 
That's weird. 
I accept that it's July 2017.
I have my dog with me. She is pretty excited to be in Ottawa. 
Somehow I've made it here and quite smoothly after all. I trust these things now.
I trust life and let it flow. 
Meetings, familiar faces, new faces, nice faces, nice people. 
People introducing themselves to me and some already know who I am. 
Some people I've had conversations with by email but I have never seen their face. 
This is nice. 
I feel alive again, it's July 2017 and I'm in Ottawa.
Excited to meet the amazing women that will surround me for this journey over the next year. 
We are 5 women together (secretly 6 because I brought my dog) and I like it when I'm surrounded by women in groups and I love it when my team is made of strong and unique women. 
I am excited to get to know Mirna, whom I observed for years.
(17 years old to 23 years old - my time in Vancouver - as a regular contemporary dance show go-er).
I observed her, but we hadn't had much time to meet. 
She is kind and intelligent. 
The days go on, the meetings go on, I'm jogging to ODD with Robin Poitras, neither of us know exactly how to get there from the National Arts Centre, but we can't miss the show! So we keep running whilst talking. 
I see Mariana in Brian's work and my heart swells. I love this woman and we only have the chance to reconnect once or less per year since I left Toronto for Montreal. 
She was one of the original dancers in my very first work. 
I dream of working with her again and we both know it will happen one day soon. 
I keep meeting new people and reconnecting. 
Michael Toppings
Lee Su-Feh
Cathy Levy
Joyce Rosario 
I finally see The Dance Machine 
but I'm too tired to let it dance me
Hieronymus Bosch wakes up a certain part of my brain I haven't had access to in the last 4 years
I proudly carry with me my dog and the first French novel that I will read, it is finished now.
In my hotel bed in Ottawa I count to 25. 
Since January 2017 this my bed # 25 
Things are stirring, emails, meetings, new faces and a lot of work to follow up with! 
Things will keep moving and it's wonderful. 

Justine A. Chambers:

As part of the YFCP, Vanessa and I participated in a dance/choreography on video masterclass with Newfoundland's Anne Troake. The workshop, hosted by SAW Video Media Art Centre, invited participants to create a video less than 2 minutes long using the Arts Court building and its immediate surroundings as our site. 

Performed by: Vanessa Goodman
Sound by: Vanessa Goodman's feet 
Inspired by: Stairwell by Josh Hite and Scott Billings 



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