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Posted on November 28, 2014 in General
Dance Machine Open House

Come and explore the Dance Machine at an informal Open House on Friday December 5, 2014, 6-9pm at Scotiabank Dance Centre!


1. an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work

2. a mechanical apparatus or contrivance; mechanism

3. a device that transmits or modifies force or motion.

For the last few weeks, battery opera performance has installed the Dance Machine in the Faris Family Studio at Scotiabank Dance Centre in order to explore its possibilities in a large space.

Dance Machine is a kinetic sculpture that strives for an environment - part costume, part architecture - that envelops both dancer and viewer, provoking and revealing the interconnectedness of our human bodies. It is an installation that reveals a body that is in constant negotiation, not just with other bodies, but also between the history it carries and the layers of history beneath its feet.

created and constructed by Lee Su-Feh, Justine Chambers and Jesse Garlick
concept by Lee Su-Feh
design by Jesse Garlick
in collaboration with Justine Chambers


Read more about the Dance Machine in this interview with Jesse Garlick in the July/August 2014 edition of Dance Central.

This research period and open house has been supported by The Dance Centre.




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