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We caught up with Aeriosa Artistic Director Julia Taffe to learn more about her latest aerial dance work Second Nature, coming up  May 24-26 as part of our Global Dance Connections series. The Dance Centre (TDC): What was the inspiration behind Second Nature?  Julia Taffe (JT): In 2015 Aeriosa was invited to create a free community performance to celebrate New Year’s Eve at... Read more

How did you get involved with dance? Some things are destined, I think I was born to dance. My involvement with dance started when I was very young and to make the long story short, it was via my cousin Glen D’Mello who is now the CEO of our company that I heard of Shiamak Davar, and he saw the potential in me two decades ago. With learning the art and then doing shows and teaching class,... Read more

How did you get involved with tap dance? What was it about tap that appealed to you? My older sister danced as a kid and I was constantly at the studio. So one day, I decided to sign up for class. I actually started with jazz (which I was horrible at) and the following year, tap. Tap felt a little more natural to me and it made more sense. At 12 or 13, I started watching... Read more

How did you get involved with dance? My best friend when I was 5 years old started dancing. I wanted to do everything she did. She ended up quitting and my mom realized I really liked it so she kept me in it.   What is your proudest moment to date? Oh that's such a hard question. I wouldn't say it would be one moment. When I take the time to reflect and look back at what I... Read more

When and how did you meet? We met while we were studying at UBC, taking extracurricular dance classes at the UBC Dance Club.  This was over 15 years ago. Wow, that’s a long time ago! We were both bitten by the dance bug, ended up on the executive board of the club and then the rest is history. How did you get involved with ballroom dance?   We both started dancing... Read more

How did you get involved with dance? Delia: I started dancing when I was 4 years old. I studied ballet until I was 15 and then modern dance for another couple of years after that. But I was more interested in acting. When I was 18 I saw two pieces, on two separate occasions, by contemporary dance companies, Jump Start Dance and Dance Makers. Both of the pieces were very theatrical. I was so... Read more

How did you get involved with dance? I wanted to be an actor and thought it was a good idea to take dance classes. Later, back at acting classes I realized how comfortable I was with movement and uncomfortable with words. I must admit that I was a teenager at the time and the large majority of girls in the dance classes was also a great motivation... How would you describe your... Read more

How did you get involved with dance? How old were you? This is a typical Western question because from a purely cultural perspective, you would be involved with dance since you are a child so for me this is a strange question.  I never went to a school to learn how to dance, it would be like going somewhere to learn how to walk.  We dance because it is a part of life and that’s... Read more