2011-2012 Season

The Dance Centre 2011-2012 season

Vancouver, BC: The Dance Centre's 2011-12 season presents performances by artists working across contemporary and cultural genres. Highlights include a special edition of the Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House celebrating the tenth anniversary of the opening of the building; and the 8th biennial Dance In Vancouver showcase. The Global Dance Connections contemporary dance series features local and international artists, while the popular Discover Dance! noon series showcases a diverse range of BC dance. Other events include International Dance Day, Twelve Minutes Max, and ongoing residencies and research labs throughout the season.

Thursday-Sunday Sept 15-18 Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House: Tenth Anniversary Celebration 
Wednesday-Saturday November 23-26 The 8th biennial Dance In Vancouver

Global Dance Connections Contemporary dance series
Wednesday-Saturday October 12-15 10x10x10 Project
Thursday-Saturday February 2-4 Andrea Bozic
Thursday-Saturday February 16-18 Science Friction
Thursday-Saturday June 7-9 Barbara Bourget

Discover Dance! Noon dance series 
Thursday September 29 Louis Riel Métis Dancers
Thursday October 27 Aché Brasil 
Thursday November 17 Spanish Passion Productions
Thursday February 23 Strathcona Chinese Dance Company
Thursday March 29 Vancouver Tap Ensemble
Thursday April 26 The 605 Collective

Information: 604.606.6400 www.thedancecentre.ca
Tickets on sale August 4: 604.684.2787 www.ticketstonight.ca
More information about each show and ticketing details follow below.
All events take place at Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St, Vancouver except where specified


Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House: Tenth Anniversary Celebration
Thursday-Sunday September 15-18
Scotiabank Dance Centre celebrates its tenth anniversary with a special extended edition of the popular annual Open House!
Performance: Aeriosa Being Thursday-Saturday September 15-17, 8.30pm
Aeriosa's spectacular aerial dance events combine the athleticism of rock climbing with the grace and artistry of dance. Choreographer Julia Taffe's new work Being unfolds inside the performance space, and then takes the audience outside to watch the company dance down the seven-storey exterior wall in cascading duets, trios and quartets. www.aeriosa.com 
Tickets $10 from 604.684.2787 www.ticketstonight.ca
Free events: Saturday-Sunday September 17-18, 10am-6pm
Two days of open classes, workshops, studio showings and special events! Participating artists and companies include: Ballet BC, Dance 4U, Kinesis Dance, Mandala Arts and Culture, Raven Spirit Dance, and Shiamak's Bollywood Jazz. Full schedule of events to be announced.

The 8th biennial Dance In Vancouver Wednesday-Saturday November 23-26
Dance In Vancouver celebrates the energy and originality of our contemporary dance scene, with four days of performances showcasing some of British Columbia's most exciting companies.
* denotes an excerpt of a longer work.
Program One Thursday November 24, 7pm and Friday November 25, 9pm
Wen Wei Dance new work* + the plastic orchid factory James 
Wen Wei Wang's beautifully crafted works have toured all over the world: in these excerpts from his forthcoming new piece, he delves deeply into sourcing the purity and power of movement, creating an electrifying emotional connection with the audience. Choreographed by Su-Feh Lee and James Gnam, James explores the relationship North American ballet dancers have with The Nutcracker, revealing the prosaic beauty of the body by moving in and around the demands of Gnam's classical training and personal life. www.wenweidance.ca www.plasticorchidfactory.com
Program Two Thursday November 24, 9pm and Friday November 25, 7pm
Jennifer Clarke Church Volunteers + Shay Kuebler Karoshi*
A group of dancers plays with visual and sonic harmony and disruption in Jennifer Clarke's Church Volunteers, a deceptively simple work with an unexpectedly liberating impact. A thought-provoking essay on the clash between modern societal pressures and personal needs, Shay Kuebler's new work Karoshi (‘death from overwork' in Japanese) features a cast of five men, physically charged choreography, and live taiko drumming. www.jenniferclarkeprojects.com www.shaykuebler.tumblr.com
Program Three Wednesday November 23, 7pm and Saturday November 26, 7pm
MACHiNENOiSY Vancouver vs Vancouver + Out Innerspace Dance Theatre Duets (working title)*
Aesthetically simple, profoundly funny and equally disturbing, Vancouver vs Vancouver explores the complex machinations of theatre and the use of sound in dance: MACHiNENOiSY's Daelik and Delia Brett confront each other, confront the theatre, and destabilize our notions of story and dance. David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen of Out Innerspace bring their exquisite stage rapport and striking sense of imagery to Duets, an exploration of relationships and connectivity. www.machinenoisy.com www.outinnerspace.ca
Program Four Wednesday November 23, 9pm and Saturday November 26, 9pm
Jung-Ah Chung and Su-Feh Lee Jung-Ah and Su-Feh + The 605 Collective Inheritor EP
Jung-Ah Chung and Su-Feh Lee, two award-winning dance artists with hyphens in their names, propose to dance for each other: but within this simple proposition lives a multitude of questions about dance, identities, and the acts of seeing and being seen, examined with rigorous intelligence and honesty. The 605 Collective's full-throttle, physically demanding movement vocabulary draws from contemporary, hip hop, house/club and urban styles. Inheritor EP pulls apart the roles of inheritor and predecessor, exploring a turbulent transitional period between the two, and creating snapshots of a generational place in time. www.batteryopera.com www.605collective.com

Tickets $28/$20 students & seniors available from Tickets Tonight 604.684.2787 (service charges apply) and online at www.ticketstonight.ca; double bill (2 shows the same evening) $44. Subscription packages and group rates available from 604.606.6420 tickets@thedancecentre.ca.

Global Dance Connections Contemporary dance series

10x10x10: Ten choreographers. Ten composers. Ten minutes. World premiere
Wednesday-Saturday October 12-15, 8pm Post-show artist talkback October 13
Produced in partnership with the Canadian Music Centre BC Region
This stimulating collaborative project pairs ten exceptional local choreographers - all previous participants in The Dance Centre's residency program - with works by ten renowned BC composers, to create an evening of ten-minute works inspired by their personal experiences of Vancouver. 
The choreographers and composers:
Amber Funk Barton and John Korsrud
Byron Chief-Moon/CoyoteArts and Jeffrey Ryan
Jennifer Clarke and Leslie Uyeda
Noam Gagnon/Co. Vision Selective and Ed Henderson
James Gnam/the plastic orchid factory and Stephen Chatman
Joe Laughlin/Joe Ink and Marcus Goddard
Delia Brett/MACHiNENOiSY and Jacqueline Leggatt
Su-Feh Lee/battery opera performance and Barry Truax
Josh Martin/The 605 Collective and Tobin Stokes
Alvin Erasga Tolentino/Co.ERASGA and François Houle
Advising Artistic Director: Martha Carter
Supported by The City of Vancouver's 125th Anniversary program, the Deux Mille Foundation and the SOCAN Foundation.

Andrea Božic After Trio A + Beginning Canadian premiere
Thursday-Saturday February 2-4, 8pm Post-show artist talkback February 3 
Presented with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival 
Born in Croatia and based in Amsterdam, choreographer Andrea Božic creates intelligent and quirky interdisciplinary works which subvert ideas of reality and perception. After Trio A pays homage to Yvonne Rainer's groundbreaking Trio A (1966) and her famous No Manifesto, which defied standard dance conventions: two dancers learn the work live in front of the audience, dissecting and amplifying the choreography and the learning process as they go. Beginning is a live discourse between Božic and artist Julia Willms, bringing together movement and drawing to create a witty and spontaneous exchange between two disciplines. www.pushfestival.ca

Science Friction Something(s) Relative World premiere
Thursday-Saturday February 16-18, 8pm Post-show artist talkback February 17
Co-presented with Science Friction through the Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award, in partnership with The Dance Centre's Artist-in-Residence program
Theatrical and entertaining, the dance works of Science Friction combine fast-flowing movement with vivid characterization and playful humour. Something(s) Relative is choreographed by Co-Artistic Director Shannon Moreno, recipient of the 2011 Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award and a fresh new creative voice on the BC dance scene. An adventurous quartet inspired by Alan Lightman's bestselling novel Einstein's Dreams, the piece investigates ideas of time and space, and asks whether dreams can truly help us understand ourselves. www.sciencefriction.ca
Something(s) Relative is also supported by the residency program of Dance Victoria.

Barbara Bourget A Simple Way World premiere 
Thursday-Saturday June 7-9, 8pm Post-show artist talkback June 8
Co-presented with Kokoro Dance in partnership with The Dance Centre's Artist-in-Residence program
A major presence on the Vancouver dance scene, Kokoro Dance's Artistic Director, Barbara Bourget, brings fifty years of dance experience to her creation of an evocative new solo. Inspired by Japanese concepts of the profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe and the inevitable process of aging, A Simple Way distills the essence of her unique artistry, nurtured over a lifetime in dance, and is created in collaboration with Bourget's son, the innovative genre-bending composer and musician Joseph Hirabayashi.

Global Dance Connections tickets $28/$20 students & seniors (except for Science Friction: $25/$18) available from Tickets Tonight 604.684.2787 (service charges apply) and online at www.ticketstonight.ca. Subscription packages and group rates available from 604.606.6420tickets@thedancecentre.ca .

Discover Dance! noon dance series

The popular noon series offers informative and inspiring shows by BC-based dance companies which combine performance, question-and-answer sessions with the artists, and sometimes even audience participation.

Louis Riel Métis Dancers Thursday September 29, 12 noon
Métis dances are among the most joyful and celebratory of Aboriginal dances in Canada, with a distinctive heritage stemming from the blending of European and First Nations cultures. The Louis Riel Métis Dancers will perform a selection of jigs, reels and polkas that are guaranteed to get your toes tapping! www.vnidansi.ca

Aché Brasil Thursday October 27, 12 noon
The vibrant culture, music and dances of Brazil take the stage in a thrilling program of Afro-Brazilian dance and capoeira - a fusion of dance and martial arts, whose amazing acrobatics are performed in a whirring circle of movement, singing and percussive musical rhythms. 

Spanish Passion Productions Thursday November 17, 12 noon
Choreographer and director Eleonora Acuña and her company of dancers bring the brilliance, expressiveness and passion of flamenco to life in Dos Amores - From Classical to Modern Flamenco: a performance which traces the evolution of the art form and its many rich cultural influences. www.spanishpassionproductions.com

Strathcona Chinese Dance Company Thursday February 23, 12 noon
Founded in 1973, Strathcona Chinese Dance Company has blossomed into a world-renowned folkloric dance troupe. The company will showcase the range and diversity of Chinese dance, from the elegance of the classical style to the exuberance of ethnic folk dances. www.strathconadance.com

Vancouver Tap Ensemble Thursday March 29, 12 noon
Heyday pays homage to Vancouver's iconic The Cave Supper Club, staging work by some of the tap legends who appeared there in the 1950s. Tapping out intricate combinations to jazz rhythms, effortlessly mixing technical skill with musicality and charm, the dancers will take you back to a magical bygone era. www.vantapdance.com

The 605 Collective Thursday April 26, 12 noon
Fusing contemporary, hip hop, and martial arts to create athletic, energetic works with a cool urban vibe, the 605 Collective burst on to the dance scene five years ago and is regarded as one of Canada's most exciting young dance companies. This performance will feature excerpts from the Collective's hotly anticipated new work, Inheritor Album. www.605collective.com

Discover Dance! tickets $10/$8 students, seniors and children from Tickets Tonight 604.684.2787 (service charges apply) and online at www.ticketstonight.ca. Subscription packages and group rates available from 604.606.6420 tickets@thedancecentre.ca .

Other Events

Twelve Minutes Max: December and May (dates tba) at the Firehall Arts Centre
Co-hosted with the Firehall Arts Centre
Now in its fifteenth year, Twelve Minutes Max showcases the latest in interdisciplinary live performance with a selection of eclectic works lasting twelve minutes or less. Dates, program and artist details to be announced. Tickets 604.689.0926 www.firehallartscentre.ca

International Dance Day Sunday April 29 
A series of events celebrating the art of dance for International Dance Day, which was instituted by UNESCO in 1982. Full program to be announced.

Residencies and Labs

Informal studio presentations and discussions coming out of The Dance Centre's research and development programs will take place throughout the season - dates and times to be announced:

The Artist-in-Residence program provides support and fully subsidized studio space at Scotiabank Dance Centre to assist dance professionals in the development of new works, with activities ranging from creation and teaching to public events such as studio showings, discussions and performances. 
2011-2012 Artists-in-Residence:
Barbara Bourget
Shay Kuebler
Shannon Moreno
Starr Muranko
David Raymond & Tiffany Tregarthen

The DanceLab interdisciplinary research program supports collaboration between choreographers and artists working in other disciplines, providing fully subsidized studio space for research into how cross-art form collaboration can enhance artistic growth and the development of new work. At the end of the Lab the artists open up the process to the public with an informal free studio presentation. 
The 2011-2012 DanceLab choreographers and collaborators are:
The Body Narratives Collective (Julia Carr, Meghan Goodman, Siobhan Sloane-Seale) with Even Oldridge (photographer)
Justine A. Chambers with James Proudfoot (lighting designer)
Claire French with Majid Bagheri (video artist)
Tannis Hugill with Su-Feh Lee (choreographer/dramaturge)
Raven Spirit Dance (Michelle Olson, choreographer/contemporary) with the Dancers of Damelahamid (Margaret Grenier, choreographer/traditional)

Choreographic Labs
Triptych (August-November) is an international choreographic project hosted by the Opera Estate Festival Veneto, Italy; Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique, Montreal; and The Dance Centre, Vancouver. Three choreographers from each city (Sylvia Gribaudi, Jacques Poulin-Denis, James Gnam) come together in each of the host locations to undertake choreographic research, under the guidance of the internationally renowned Belgian dramaturge Guy Cools.

Information: 604 606 6400 www.thedancecentre.ca
www.facebook.com/thedancecentre www.twitter.com/dancecentre

About The Dance Centre Established in 1986 as a resource centre for the dance profession and the public in British Columbia, The Dance Centre has expanded into a multifaceted organization offering a range of activities unparalleled in Canadian dance. It presents performances and public events; operates Scotiabank Dance Centre, Canada's flagship dance facility; promotes BC dance to the public and to presenters of dance; and provides resources and services for the dance profession, through its team of experienced professional staff.

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The operations of The Dance Centre are supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Province of British Columbia through the BC Arts Council, and the City of Vancouver through the Office of Cultural Affairs. Programs are also supported by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

The Dance Centre
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