The Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program

Yulanda Faris

The Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program
July 2017-September 2018

Call for Submissions: Deadline 5pm on March 27, 2017 

The Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program (YFCP) will engage, enrich, mentor and support choreographers who are ready to make a leap forward in their careers, by helping them to connect with a wider national and international dance world.

Dance has seen exponential growth in BC in the past decade, along with increased connectivity to national and international platforms, and more exchanges between local artists and national and international collaborators. The YFCP seeks to empower artists who are embarking on developing significant choreographic careers, and will further equip them with necessary skills, knowledge and connections, and the tools to position their careers in a national and international context. While the artists are expected to produce choreographic material, this program is not production-oriented. Rather, it aims to facilitate the contextualization of an artist’s work, complementing their own artistic development and practice, and opening doors to the expedited growth of their career.

The program focuses on:

  • Networking and connections: national and international exchanges enabling artists to increase networks and expand their reach into new markets.
  • Artistic growth: artists will receive space and mentorship for the development of their own creative project and to facilitate the development and crafting of choreographic material.
  • Knowledge and skills development: enhancing artistic and administrative capabilities.

Up to three choreographers will be selected by an independent panel of local, national and international presenters and dance professionals through an open call for submissions.The program will run July 2017-September 2018.

While artists are not required to produce a work, it is expected that they will be in creation over the program period and will use the opportunities to support and inform the work, and will share work in progress or a finished piece at the end of the program.

Each artist will receive:

  • Exchange visits to partnering national/international dance organizations, each of which will include some or all of the following: meeting with artists and presenters, building connections, seeing performances, researching each dance milieu, working on their own creations in the studio, sharing their own work formally or informally. The schedule of exchange visits includes:

Canada Dance Festival, Ottawa July 2017
Dance Victoria, Victoria July 2017 and January 2018
B-Motion Festival, Italy August 2017
Dans Brabant, Netherlands August 2017 and March 2018
Circuit-Est/ Festival FTA, Montreal: May 2018

  • Workshops and consultations with Canadian and international experts working in the field on developing key artistic and administrative skills including: dramaturgy, basic lighting design and technical awareness, grant writing, financial planning, budgeting, creating societies, networking, marketing, fundraising, writing about the work, outreach.
  • Studio time at Scotiabank Dance Centre (to a minimum value of $2000)in which to research work, engage in dialogues and receive input from mentors.
  • Technical Labs to support creation and production, offering the opportunity to train with Lighting Designers, Dramaturges, Composers and Visual Artists. 
  • Artists will be expected to engage with the broader community, including professional peers,through open showings of any work in progress, and will have the option of a studio showing at Dance In Vancouver in November 2017, and other opportunities locally.
  • Each artist will complete the program with a media kit which they will be able to use to market themselves to potential presenters and will include video documentation of their work(s). 
  • ‚ÄčEach artist will receive an honorarium. The program covers fees to mentors and consultants, studio time, travel, accommodation and subsistence. As part of the program, artists will be guided through their own grantwriting and fundraising to support and enhance their creations, professional development and travel.


  • Artists working in all genres and traditions of dance are eligible
  • Artists should be based in BC, or be able to demonstrate strong connections to the BC dance milieu
  • Artists must demonstrate a serious commitment to a career path as a choreographer.
  • Ideal candidates will have presented a minimum of 3-5 works (solos and group works) of at least 10 minutes each for public performance in a professional; and will have applied for, or received, funding from the public sector in the last 3 years.
  • Artists must be available to attend all the components of the program and must hold a valid passport.
  • Artists are expected to be Full Artist/Company members of The Dance Centre throughout the duration of the program.


Artists should include in their applications:

  • A current resume with contact details and choreographic experience to date.
  • Critical responses to their work (last three years) and two references from known dance/festival presenters in support of the application.
  • Links to online videos of at least three works, non-edited, and no more than three years old.
  • A Choreographic Statement (maximum two pages) responding to the following:

What draws you to choreography? What in your work makes you a choreographer – how do you define it?
What are the current ideas that are inspiring you as a choreographer? What are your current challenges?
What ideas/works are you currently considering? What are your research/creation plans over the next two years?
Describe how you approach making a new work, and your creative process.
What would you consider your best work and why?
Where do you see yourself in terms of your career and your place in the dance community?
Where do you feel you need to grow? Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now?
What do you expect to take away from the YFCP? How do you anticipate it will move your career forward? What can you contribute to the process and to your peers through this experience?

  • Applicants should identify any resources they are able to put towards their work (creation/production grants, partnerships, travel grants), and demonstrate a readiness to work with The Dance Centre to enhance the components of the program and their own development.
  • Artists must demonstrate the intent, desire and capacity to grow their practice, curiosity, and an openness to ideas.

To apply:

Applications should be emailed to by 5pm on March 27, 2017.

This program is supported through a generous donation by Moh Faris, in memory of his wife Yulanda M Faris.