Gabriel Monty

About Argentine Tango Lab Artistic Director, Gabriel Monty: I’ve always been into dance. In 1978 I joined a professional dance company, the most prominent company at that time back home, “Doina Bucurestiului”, with whom I traveled and performed throughout Europe. I have been asked what style of dance I prefer: close embrace or open, traditional or nuevo… Even though I like to dance mostly in the Villa Urquiza style of tango salon, I don’t have a preference of style in the sense in which the questions were placed. I prefer to dance this way, to this song, in this moment. Contact - 604.600.0657


Samba Fusion

Samba Fusion is a Vancouver based dance troupe with the mission of sharing the passion, energy and vibrance of samba with the community. Through driving rhythm, colourful costumes and original choreography, we bring you the pulse of Brazil with a modern twist.


Tango Moderna

The Argentine Tango is a social dance as well as a dance of improvisation. With each time you dance, style shifts to reflect the personality and mood of you, your partner and the music. It can be an outlet for passion, playfulness and anything in-between. Tango Moderna is a Vancouver based business offering Argentine Tango and Nuevo Tango lessons in a detailed, friendly environment supporting creativity. We welcome both couples and singles. To help us balance the number of leads with follows, we suggest you register ahead of time. Email: (778) 991-3705